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ITP DataSync

What is DataSync? A web-based management reporting service designed to address the needs of the Travel Management Company and their local or global customers seeking to better manage travel expenditures and increase productivity. How is DataSync benefiting ITP Partners’ clients?  …. By saving your company money and time in eliminating the need to produce paper […] View Solution

ITP PolicyCheck

Managing customers’ travel programmes is a complex process that includes everything from ensuring a pleasant and safe experience for the travellers to managing one of the largest items on your customers’ financial statement. These tasks are made more difficult by having to manage unique travel policies for many international customers.  For more information: simply complete […] View Solution

ITP TravelSafe

ITP TravelSafe enable to communicate with travellers with timely and personalised details about their trip, including flight information, weather forecasts, traffic updates, itinerary reminders and destination information. An integral part of our Corporate Social Responsibilities, Duty of Care risk management solution enables to proactively manage disruption and customer communication when unplanned events happen. For more […] View Solution

ITP Virtual Pay

ITP have partnered with eNett to provide our customers a virtual payment solution worldwide. With eNett, rather than using a fixed credit card number, a virtual card payment number is generated and this is used one-time number for a specific travel event. As added benefit, transactions do not need to be manually reconciled post-trip. This […] View Solution

ITP Expense Management Solution (EMS)

Manual paper process not only carries a high risk of errors in processing statements but also travelling executives spending quality in reporting their business expenses. Automating such processes brings efficiency in reducing operating expenses and eliminating errors. EMS facilitates the tracking and reporting all travel expenses, aims to streamline processing such as pre-travel approval, credit […] View Solution
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