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ITP Ireland – Special Contribution to the Irish Travel Industry Award

From shipping containers to luxury cruise holidays, George Barter has seen the growth & diversification of the Irish travel industry since the 1960’s. At the Irish Travel Awards, George was presented with the ‘Special Contribution to the Irish Travel Industry Award’, a bestowal after an entire career at the reins of a company that began with his great-grand-father, Joseph Barter in 1865. For five decades, George has had a front row seat for the changes happening within the travel industry. He has taken every trend, development & obstacle in his stride, allowing his business to grow more & more. From adventurous honeymoons to Mallorca in to 1970’s, to Camino Walks & River Cruising, to tightening the company’s belt during the economic down turn, to family holidays to visit […]

The results are in from the ITP post conference survey and on the whole the event has been hailed a success. Its only two months ago but planning has started for next year’s event which will be held in Madrid in September and hosted by Grupo Viajabien the ITP partner for Spain. Travel time or distance wasn’t a problem for one partner attending this year’s event; Federico from Gondrand Hermanos travelled all the way from Uruguay some 13644 km, 2000 more kilometres than the next contestant. Federico was presented with a small token of our appreciation for his efforts by Ian. The conference went very well with a number of very positive comments on organisation and content. We are planning next year’s event to run for three days […]

Arrow Travel was established in Hong Kong in 1967 so this year they celebrated their 50th anniversary. Since then, Hong Kong has seen significant change as it has transformed itself from a British colony to a Chinese SAR or Special Administrative Region. It is now 20 years into its transition period before being fully assimilated into China in 2047. Managing Director, Tommy Tam, has been with Arrow Travel for more than half of the 50 years and has experienced not only significant political and cultural change but has also had to consider the future and what it means for his business and Hong Kong’s Travel Industry. Fortunately, Tommy is very prominent in local Industry affairs so has a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities that may lie […]

ITP – International Travel Partnership, one of the world’s fastest-growing travel management consortiums, is very pleased to announce the appointment of Resia AB to its corporate travel network. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Resia is a leading independent agent in Sweden with a long-established business travel operation and they have recently extended their coverage to Norway. “We are delighted to have such a prominent and experienced company as Resia as our partner in Sweden and Norway”, said Ian Epps, Director of Partnership Relations at ITP. “Together with our existing coverage in Denmark, ITP now has a strong presence in the main Nordic markets, which will be of significant benefit to other ITP partners and their multinational corporate clients.” Karin Wadmark, Business Area Manager of Resia, said, ”We are really happy […]

East Express Travel in Iran has been an ITP partner for nine years. Their main area of business is Corporate Travel but through their sister company, Beautiful World of Travel, they have also been able to fulfil incoming and group requests to this steadily developing market. Iranian visa applications for most European nationalities can normally be processed in three to five working days but until now British passport holders as well as US and Canadian have been subject to additional restrictions. Furthermore, many Iranian agents themselves have been subject to constraints with the handling of travel arrangements of these three nationalities. The good news is that East Express has recently been granted authorisation to manage and support the travel arrangements of British, US and Canadian citizens to and […]

You may have heard these acronyms being banded around at various trade events and seen articles in various trade publications. If you attended the ITP conference in Oman you would have seen a presentation by Ole Mortensen on GDPR. I can tell you that PCI DSS is just as important hence why I am raising awareness in the ITP newsletter to both of these critical changes in our industry. Let’s start with PCI DSS, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is a global data security standard to protect confidential payment card information against theft. Airlines have demanded that IATA support their own internal compliance project by making the BSP card sales channel PCI DSS compliant. This is why IATA Accredited Travel Agents now need to become […]

This year, ITP will be holding its annual partner conference in Muscat, Oman, a destination that has been selected by the Partners themselves and which also reflects the broad coverage that ITP has in the Gulf region. The event was organised by the ITP partner in Oman, E-Travel & Tours, and the theme is ‘Embracing the Challenge’. ”This is what the Corporate Travel Industry has to do in order to be successful and move forward”, said Richard Lovelock, General Manager of ITP. “The Travel Environment is currently affected by volatile market economics, security issues, and varying political landscapes. These factors make it necessary to adapt in a positive way and be able to compete effectively to achieve results.” As with all ITP Conferences, ITP Management will be summarising […]

ITP’s 2017 annual conference touches down in Muscat, Oman in October. The event will take place at the Crowne Plaza Muscat Hotel located in the Qurum Heights district near the splendid beaches and Opera House.  The Hotel boasts an excellent reputation and is ideally located with its own private beach and good access to downtown Muscat and the many shopping districts and attractions. The conference theme is “Embracing the Challenge” which reflects the various developments and change that is flowing through our industry. We have spoken with many partners over the course of this year about the challenges they are facing as well. During this conference we will look at the competitive environment in some detail and provide our partners with ideas and suggestions that can strengthen your […]

Madrid, Monday 25th September 2017. World Rugby and Sports Travel & Hospitality Ltd (STH) just announced the official travel agents from all over the world to offer tickets and exclusive travel packages for the Rugby World Cup, which will take place in Japan between the 20th September and 2th November 2019. Viajabien is between this 21 selected agencies becoming the only official partner in Spain. In the words of Santiago Fernández Varone, agent in charge of the project said: “We are very happy that STH has trusted us in this concession. After the success of RWC2015 we had to take the leap and keep growing”. We are passionate about rugby so our mission will be to bring closer the RWC to the Spanish fans, and at the same […]

In July, market leader BeStar joined the ITP network giving ITP an established presence in Central Asia with three locations in Kazakhstan and one on Uzbekistan. BeStar’s works with clients to achieve the key objective of combining value with quality, supported by a wide range of travel technology including on-line booking and provision of management information. Through Skyway, they are the official travel operator of EXPO 17 located in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan since 1997. BeStar/Skyway can offer a full range of tourism services for this event from budget options to VIP arrangements. The event started in June this year and will continue until 10th September. This is one of the largest exhibitions of 2017 with over 100 countries represented.  

ITP – International Travel Partnership, one of the world’s fastest-growing travel management consortiums, is very pleased to announce the appointment of beSTAR Travel, headquartered in Kazakhstan, to its corporate travel network. beSTAR is a fast-developing, fully-licensed business travel operation with on-line booking and ‘high touch’ services. Supporting technology includes recently-developed solutions and together with internal and local GDS’. “We are very proud to have beSTAR as our partner in Kazakhstan, an important market for the Oil and Mining sectors”, said Ian Epps, Director of Partnership Relations at ITP. “With their additional location in neighbouring Uzbekistan beSTAR gives ITP an established presence in the region.” Yelena Chigrina, Deputy Executive Director at beSTAR, said,” Joining ITP – International Travel Partnership is an important step for beSTAR Travel that will open […]

Algosaibi Travel has partnered with ITP for over six years and has been operating since 1954. Over the last sixty years the company has evolved as a full-fledged travel service organization specializing in corporate, leisure, online, destination management services and holistic travel related services in the region. With such an array of opportunities Algosaibi Travel has rebranded to clearly define their proposition and demonstrate their abilities to the market.  The new branding and name Gosaibi Travel clearly defines the product and service offered and directs existing or new customers straight to the service required. GO Business, GO Holidays and GO Bahrain are the new brands with focus on Business Travel, Outbound Holidays Travel and Incoming Travel. Gosaibi Travel has made a change to their leadership following the retirement […]

With the recent addition of two new African TMC partners, the number of markets covered by ITP in sub-Saharan Africa is now six, all of which are prominent economies. ITP’s two new partners are in Côte d’Ivoire and Tanzania and both are market leaders in what are two of the strongest emerging economies in Africa. Côte d’Ivoire was recently described as “Africa’s new economic powerhouse’ with annual growth of over 8% and also gives ITP a foothold in French-speaking Africa. Tanzania is also one of the Top Five fastest developing economies in Africa. We have long-standing partners in other prominent African markets such as Nigeria, now the largest economy, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana, which is important for the Mining Sector. Although there are 54 countries in Africa, […]

ITP – International Travel Partnership, one of the world’s fastest-growing travel management consortiums, is very pleased to announce the appointment of Capital Connect, Côte d’Ivoire, to its corporate travel network. “Capital Connect has developed a strong presence in the Ivorian market during the last few years and their strong focus on business travel has made them a key player in the market.” said Ian Epps, Director of Partnership Relations at ITP. “Côte d’Ivoire has one the fastest growing economies in Africa and Capital Connect’s high service levels have enabled them to both gain and retain developing corporate business.  They are ITP’s first partner in French-speaking Africa and their partnership with ITP makes Capital Connect a significant addition to our coverage in other commercially prominent African markets.” Mrs. Nadine […]

ITP – International Travel Partnership, one of the world’s fastest-growing travel management consortiums, is very pleased to announce the appointment of Emslies Travel, Tanzania, to its corporate travel network. “Emslies Travel is a long-established and prominent player in the Tanzanian market with a strong focus on corporate travel management”, said Ian Epps, Director of Partnership Relations at ITP. “To have such an experienced TMC in this key market brings additional commercial opportunity and complements our existing coverage in other important African markets.” Irfan Hirji, Head of Business Development at Emslies Travel’s, said “This partnership will enable Emslies Travel and ITP to create synergies and propel growth for both companies. We express our gratitude to the ITP team for bringing Emslies Travel on board the ITP network. ”   […]